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Rate for greyson's song....

Hey Guys…..

Today, I interview to some of my friends about greyson’s song….
Wanna know what question tht I’m ask to them???
No??? Get out from my blog, stalker!!!!
Wanna know? Go down ;)

Q: Which song u hate like it? (greyson chance)

1-waiting outside the lines

2-unfriend you

3-hold on till’ the night

Natasha: Unfriend you
Jasmine villegas: Hold on till the night
Taylor swift: Unfriend you
Aieda: All of tht. O_O
Aqilah: All of tht.. O_O
only 5 people tht I want interview…..
For next post, I want post about Taylor Swift’s song……

~See ya’ in my next post~

I Got More Swag Than You

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