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About Jasmine Villegas

Hey guys! How are you?

today, I wanna story-mory about Jasmine Villegas…..
what?? U don’t know her?? Click
here!!! Tht girl
who with justin bieber in music video!! (baby)!!!
Remember rite now? Gud….  (:  Or click
here!!! She so talented gurlz…. Wanna know more bout Jasmine??? NO??? So, stfu…. (:

Full name: Jasmine Marie Villegas
Date birth: 7 december 1993 in San Jose, California, USA…..
Hey, guys do u know tht jasmine change her hairstyle?? U don’t know?? Wanna look??

nice, rite??….. (:

Do u know why I’m story-mory about jasmine?? Cuz I’m Jasminators….. (: sooo…… the end..~ what wanna more?? Nah…. I’m so tired to type…. U think  I’m lazy? Yeshh, u rite….. (:
~bye2 stalker…..~


I Got More Swag Than You

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